Under section 249 of the Local Government Act 1972, the council is able to confer the title of honorary alderman on “persons who have, in the opinion of the council, rendered eminent services to the council as past members”.

The position of honorary alderman is open to any person who, in the eyes of the council, has given eminent service to the district in a public position. The position does not entitle the holders to any special privileges, but does enable them to attend civic functions or represent the chairman of the council or vice chairman if and when they may be unavailable.

The following former councillors currently hold the title of honorary alderman of the district of east devon:

Alderman Vivienne Ash

Alderman David Atkins

Alderman Peter Bowden

Alderman Trevor Cope

Alderman David Cox

Alderman Lt Col Drake

Alderman Christine Drew

Alderman Ray Franklin

Alderman John Glanvill

Alderman Mike Green

Alderman Peter Halse

Alderman Bernard Hughes

Alderman John Jeffery

Alderman Stephanie Jones

Alderman Ann Liverton

Alderman Graham Liverton

Alderman Ron Mudge

Alderman Frances Newth

Alderman Bob Peachey

Alderman Ken Potter

Alderman Sara Randall Johnson

Alderman Tony Reed

Alderman David Scott

Alderman Jennifer Sharratt

Alderman Tony Wilkinson

Alderman Tim Wood

Alderman Steve Wragg