Temporary event notices (TENs) are for temporary events involving activities which would normally have to be licensed under the Licensing Act 2003.  TENs allow an event organiser to notify us, the police and our environmental health service of small scale events that involve licensable activities which need to be authorised. 

These events can be held at a premises where there is already a premises licence or club premises certificate or they can be used to licence an unlicensed premises.


There are certain types of entertainment that you don't need a licence for and please do contact us if you would like further information about this.

Restrictions and limitations

TENs can be used instead of a premises licence for short-term events involving licensable activities which are:

  • The sale or supply of alcohol
  • Plays or films
  • Indoor sporting events, boxing, wrestling
  • Live and recorded music
  • Dancing, performance of dance
  • Provision of late night refreshment (hot food and/or drink between 11pm and 5am)

Providing the notice meets the criteria laid down in the Licensing Act, the event may go ahead unless a counter notice is served.  A counter notice would be served following objections from the police or our environmental health service or for exceeding the limits listed below.

How does it work?

Limitations on events under a TEN:

  • No more than 499 people at any one time for each event
  • Each TEN can last up to 168 hours (seven days)
  • Each premises can hold no more than 15 TEN events per year
  • Maximum total period covered by a TEN at any premises is 21 days per year
  • Must be a minimum of 24 hours between each event notified by an event organiser at any premises
  • Multiple TENS can be submitted at the same time but each event is a separate TEN with a separate fee payable. The limits set out above cannot be exceeded.
  • Anyone over the age of 18 can submit a maximum of five TENs per year (including two late TENs)
  • Personal licence holders can submit a maximum of 50 TENs per year (including 10 late TENs)
  • Late TENs - in exceptional circumstances late notices can be given no later than five working days but no earlier than nine working days before the event in relation to which the notice is given.

Where premises are available for hire by organisations or individuals for their own events, premises owners and operators must be aware that TENs submitted will be counted under the limits set down in the Act.  It is therefore recommended that a booking agreement is used to make sure that all TENS made in respect of premises are made with the agreement of the premises owner or operator. This is particularly important for village halls and similar premises.


Please read our frequently asked questions about temporary event notices before you serve your temporary event notice as this will help you avoid common mistakes that may result in your notice being rejected.

Standard TENs:

  • At least one copy of a standard TEN must be served on us not less than 10 clear working days before the event
  • A fee of £21 for each TEN must accompany the notice to us
  • A copy of the TEN must be served on the police and our environmental health service with at least 10 clear working days notice before the event

Late TENs:

  • At least one copy of a late TEN must be served on us with the £21 fee no later than five working days but no earlier than nine working days before the event
  • A copy of a late TEN must be served to the police and our environmental health service no later than five working days but no earlier than nine working days before the event
  • A late TEN given later than five working days before the event to which it relates will be returned as void and the activities described in it will not be authorised

Warning: failure to comply will invalidate the notice

Notification of a TEN

Allow plenty of time to organise your event and submit a TEN. The police and environmental health service can object to a TEN if they feel the event will undermine any of the four licensing objectives. 

Standard TENs:

It may be necessary for a hearing by the licensing and enforcement sub-committee to consider objections to a standard TEN and to decide if the event should go ahead. Appeals can be heard at a magistrates court if there is sufficient time to appeal.

Late TENs:

If the police or environmental health service object to a late TEN there will be no hearing and we will serve a counter notice on the event organiser with at least 24 hours notice. In these circumstances it would be illegal to run the event.

You can serve your TEN online or in paper form by applying for a temporary event notice.

If you are applying in paper form you'll need to send one copy of the form to us and a copy to the police licensing department and our environmental health service.  Their addresses are:

The police licensing department

Devon and Cornwall Police
Licensing Department
Launceston Police Station
Moorland Road
PL15 7HY

Telephone: 01392 452225

The environmental health service

East Devon District Council
EX10 8HL

Telephone: 01395 516551

Please read environmental health's guidance and advice for applicants for TENs.

Please note that service of the notice will not be complete unless accompanied by the £21 fee. Cheques should be made payable to East Devon District Council. You are strongly advised not to enclose cash with the notice. We will not accept notice by email or fax.

For more information consult the gov.uk guidance on alcohol licensing.