We, at HemingwayDesign, are asking for everyone to give their views and ideas about the future of Exmouth’s Queen’s Drive site and its role for the future of the seafront and the town.

You can now go online, give your thoughts and take our survey asking for your views and ideas for this special piece of Devon’s seaside.   We call it the ‘Queen’s Drive Portal’ and it is a tried and tested part of our approach to bringing the broadest and best ideas forward that will change places.  The online address is

At the end of June, we held a workshop at the Ocean Centre on Exmouth seafront for a wide range of people and organisations from Exmouth and the wider area, with all sorts of expertise and experience and who care about Exmouth.  They turned out to give us their ideas about Queen’s Drive and the town.  We have brought a lot of those ideas together to inform the questions that we are asking and now there’s an opportunity for everyone to have their say via the Queen’s Drive Portal.

It only takes about 10 minutes to contribute to the future of this lovely town so please spread the word so that your friends, family, work mates, sports clubs, youth clubs, book clubs, child care circles, pub quiz teams, cadets, congregations, societies: you name it, we want everyone who lives, used to live, might want to live, visits, works or plays in Exmouth to have their say.

If you need any help filling out the survey or don’t have easy access to a computer then you can visit Exmouth Town Hall (opening times 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday) where the council has free to use computers in the reception area. If you need a paper copy of the survey, or need it in an alternative format, please contact Anna Herbert (email: by calling 01395 517535.

This is about the future for Exmouth so as well as the regular folks who have their say, we want to hear from those who don’t ordinarily bother with surveys or are too busy. We won’t stop till we get a diverse representative cross section of all ages from Exmouth and beyond.

Wayne Hemingway, of Hemingway Design, said:

Exmouth is a special place and the Queen’s Drive site presents a wonderful opportunity to give the visitor economy a shot in the arm and add to Exmouth’s attractiveness to residents and visitors. 

The Watersports Centre will start to build out next spring and in the meantime the temporary uses in place are being well received.  The Queen’s Drive Portal is key to hearing what the views and ideas are of local people, visitors and businesses alike for the future of Queen’s Drive and its value to Exmouth as a whole.  We guarantee that your views will contribute to the co-design of the Queens Drive site with HemingwayDesign.  So tell us what you think and ‘Come Design with Us’.