The council has 60 councillors representing 30 wards in East Devon. 

Councillors, or Members of the Council as they are sometimes called, normally serve a term of four years.

We hold elections for all members every four years. The next election is May 2023.

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East Devon Councillors

Councillor Mike Allen
Councillor Megan ArmstrongPortfolio Holder for Sustainable Homes and Communities
Councillor Paul Arnott
Councillor Jess BaileyPortfolio Holder for Corporate Services
Councillor Dean Barrow
Councillor Denise Bickley
Councillor Kevin BlakeyPortfolio Holder for Economy
Councillor Kim Bloxham
Councillor Susie BondDeputy Leader of the Council; Portfolio Holder for Strategic Development
Councillor Colin Brown
Councillor Fred Caygill
Councillor Sarah Chamberlain
Councillor Maddy Chapman
Councillor Iain Chubb
Councillor Andrew Colman
Councillor Olly Davey
Councillor Bruce De Saram
Councillor Alan Dent
Councillor Peter FaithfullDeputy Portfolio Holder for Environment
Councillor Cathy Gardner
Councillor Steve Gazzard
Councillor Ian Hall
Councillor Marcus Hartnell
Councillor Sam Hawkins
Councillor Paul Hayward
Councillor Nick Hookway
Councillor Mike Howe
Councillor Stuart HughesChairman of the Council
Councillor Ben InghamLeader of the Council
Councillor Sarah Jackson
Councillor Paul Jarvis
Councillor Luke Jeffery
Councillor Vicky JohnsLead Member for Sports and Recreation
Councillor Geoff JungPortfolio Holder for Environment
Councillor David Key
Councillor Fabian King
Councillor Dan Ledger
Councillor John Loudoun
Councillor Dawn Manley
Councillor Tony McCollum
Councillor Kathy McLauchlan
Councillor Paul Millar
Councillor Andrew Moulding
Councillor Helen ParrLead Member for Planning Design and Heritage
Councillor Christopher Pepper
Councillor Geoff PookPortfolio Holder for Asset Management
Councillor Geoff Pratt
Councillor Val RangerVice Chairman of the Council
Councillor Marianne Rixson
Councillor Jack Rowland
Councillor Eleanor Rylance
Councillor Philip Skinner
Councillor Brenda Taylor
Councillor Ian ThomasPortfolio Holder for Finance
Councillor Phil Twiss
Councillor Joe Whibley
Councillor Tony WoodwardLead Member for Health and Wellbeing
Councillor Eileen Wragg
Councillor Tom Wright
Councillor Chris Wright