Members of East Devon's StreetScene team mulching flower beds using the recycled compost made from green waste

Top notch compost made from East Devon’s green waste collection is helping improve the council’s flower beds

East Devon’s green waste collection service is going from strength to strength and with 9,500 customers using the service it clearly has been enthusiastically embraced by residents across the district.

The green waste that we collect – such as grass cuttings, hedge clippings and leaves - is composted at Hill Barton Business Park by Coastal Recycling, and takes about 14 weeks to develop into a nutrient rich compost. The resulting high quality compost not only goes as a soil conditioner to East Devon farms, but is also being used by the council’s StreetScene Parks and Open Spaces Improvement team to enrich flower beds in the district’s parks and gardens.

Parks and Open Spaces Improvement Officer, Sharon Scott, is a big fan of East Devon’s own compost:

Our StreetScene Ops grounds team has been working hard mulching the flower beds in Exmouth, Seaton and Sidmouth, ensuring the flowerbeds receive some important nutrients and help keep the weeds at bay. Our parks and gardens were in desperate need of some mulch to improve the soil structure, moderate the soil temperature, reduce the weeds, hold in some moisture and add plenty of essential nutrients, such as Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash, Magnesium and Sulphur, which our recycled compost contains.

We’ve used 10 tons for Seafield Gardens and Windsor Gardens in Seaton and over 27 tons in Connaught Gardens, Sidmouth!

In Exmouth’s Pavilion Gardens, we have used 24 tons mixed with well-rotted Donkey Sanctuary manure. The borders were extremely sandy and had no water holding properties, hence the compost was mixed with manure to improve water retention and bulk!

You can subscribe to the service online at the East Devon website.

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