East Devon's Technical Officer John Moss, left, with Mr Trebilcock, right, standing in front of one of the new Quantum heaters

Tenants praise outstanding service provided by East Devon’s programmed works team and its contractors the Dodds Group

East Devon’s Programmed Works team carries out much excellent work for the benefits of tenants across the district, yet this service is largely the unsung hero of the council, with many people totally unaware of the difference it makes to tenants lives.

A recent case of a job well done and satisfied tenants, involved a heating upgrade to a two bed bungalow on one of the council’s sheltered schemes.

The tenants, Mr and Mrs Trebilcock, had been experiencing problems with their existing aged storage heaters for some time and eventually brought these issues to our attention. Following a site inspection, it was decided to include the property on a heating upgrade programme.

Because of the rural location and no gas supply in the village, the Programmed Works team surveyed the property for both air-source (ASHP) and electric storage heating. However, because of issues with the electric supply to the property, ASHP had to be discounted and the team opted instead for the latest ‘intelligent’ Quantum heaters. This award winning off-peak heater, which represents extremely good value for money, ensures that another one of our properties benefits from a modern, economical heating system (Quantums are up to 27% cheaper to run than the old type of storage heaters). The team also had to ask Western Power for an upgrade to the Trebilcock’s electricity supply, in order to cope with the demand of the new heaters.

Mr and Mrs Trebilcock were so impressed with the standard of installation, along with the efficient, tidy work and the politeness of the Dodds engineer (Darren Sharples) that, almost as soon as the installation was complete, they took the trouble to contact both Technical Officer (Housing Services) John Moss and Jon Hill at Dodds, to offer their thanks and appreciation.

They spoke very highly of both East Devon and the council’s partner Dodds Group, and were especially complimentary about the service they had received from the East Devon Programmed Works Team.

Mr and Mrs Trebilcock said:

Thanks to East Devon District Council we will be able to benefit from living in a warm and cosy home for many years to come.

East Devon District Council’s Technical Officer John Moss, said:

Mr and Mrs Trebilcock were extremely patient, understanding and accommodating throughout and their new heaters were finally installed in January 2019 at a cost of £3,887.23. It is so nice and also very flattering to hear from someone who is genuinely so happy and appreciative of what we strive to provide and also what the council in general (and the Programmed Works Team in particular) are doing.