The public slipway at Mamhead View, Exmouth, re-opened for use in December 2016, some 4 years after enforced closure of the previous slipway on safety grounds.

The new £1.5m slipway is a significant improvement over the former facility. It is wider, longer, and at a revised angle to the channel.  With a width of 12m the new slipway enables two craft to be launched or recovered at the same time.

The slipway now includes an area off the public highway for vehicles and trailers to manoeuvre and prepare for launching.

The slipway site is accessed from Mamhead View, and vehicles and trailers should approach the site via Victoria Road. Vehicles and trailers should leave the slipway site to join the Esplanade in an easterly direction.

There is parking for 2 vehicles with trailers on the slipway and additional parking for vehicles and trailers is available at the Camperdown car park which is just 5 minutes’ walk from the slipway. There is also pay and display parking on the Esplanade.

There is no charge for use of the slipway.